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ABOUT EZ Solushunz

The team at EZ Solushunz has been fantastic. I'm kicking myself for not finding them sooner. I paid thousands of dollars to another company  I found online to do SEO for me. They took over six months to get me toward the top of the Google search results, and as soon as I stopped paying them, I dropped off the listing. EZ Solushunz got me to page one of both Google and Bing within a couple of weeks, and for a fraction of the cost. And they are a real pleasure to work with, they obviously make customer service and good communication their highest priorities. I couldn't be more pleased.

Karl Hoaglund, Owner,
Nexus Consulting Group, Inc.  Torrance, California

“Michael A. Lynton and Team EZ are a fantastic organization to work with. He is efficient and a dedicated developer with excellent communication skills. He has an extensive knowledge, and his open-minded approach could not be overestimated. I strongly endorse Michael A. Lynton.”

Wilbert Thomas, Owner, 
Space Cherry Films Atlanta, Georgia

From the very first phone call and meeting, your organization has exemplified a level of professionalism rarely exhibited with today's organizations. Your prompt response to questions and desire to go above and beyond has left a wonderful impression and we at Covenant Software Consulting look forward to a long relationship.

Harrell Washington, President, 
Covenant Software Consulting       Jacksonville, Florida

I want to take this time to let the world know that I am so happy to have chosen E-Z Solushunz LLC and their team to help us! Their professionalism and customer service etiquette is amazing. They help STB with our website, blog site and social sites to reach out consistently to an even larger audience to spread our messages to the world. Their support has been both efficient and phenomenal! 

Thank you very much to Michael and his team!! Keep up the great work!

Cheryl Francis, President, 
Stop The Bleeding Foundation     St. Croix United States Virgin Islands